Hi! My name is Hugo.

I am the person behind Metazoa Studio.


I am a freelance scientific illustrator based in Valencia, Spain. I am specialized in biological and naturalistic illustration, paleoart and science-related design.

Since I was a kid I have been passionate about art and science. After earning my bachelor degree in Biology (University of Valencia) and beginning a MSc. And PhD. in Neuroscience, I realized that my true vocation involved combining both of them. This is how I decided to become a scientific illustrator.  Since then, I have acquired experience in the field, with my work being commissioned by research groups, published in both research and scientific dissemination journals and showcased in museums, to name some. Now, I have established myself as a full-time scientific illustrator and founded Metazoa Studio.

Although I create most of my illustrations using digital media (2D digital illustration, photomanipulation, 3D modelling), I feel equally comfortable with traditional media such as graphite, ink or watercolour.

My philosophy when I illustrate involves merging the best of both worlds: creativity and scientific rigor hand in hand to make complex hypothesis or objects of study easily understandable in a visual and direct way, but also to convey their beauty and the fascination of their understanding. From portraying the function of a biological process or system to imagining the life forms of the deep past, each of the projects I engage in also offers me the opportunity to learn something new about the topic I illustrate.

Be welcome to Metazoa Studio. Take a look at my Portfolio, learn more about some of the Projects I have worked on or read about one or a few curious things I have learnt illustrating. You can also Contact me at any time : drop me a line or find me in Social Media.

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